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One Ton Project: Gizzards and Hearts
Gizzards and Hearts is the debut album on Battleground Records from One Ton Project who are out of Las Vegas and are described as, “boasting an incredible array of influences into a cohesive, seamless, and explosively creative blend of what the band self-describes as “a bountiful cocktail of sounds on an oasis of rhythms.” That’s actually a pretty accurate summation of the album which begins with what sounds like a jazz acetate from say, the 1920s and then twists and turns all over the shop for the rest of the album’s duration.

The obvious reference points are King Crimson and Frank Zappa (in his more “sensible” modes) mixed with say, Between the Buried and Me although occasionally as with “Backlight” more mainstream tendencies creep out (not exactly One Direction but just more straight ahead rock) but mostly this is intriguing grown up music which needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

Track Listing:

The Axeman 01:09
Deathjazz 03:12
The Difference 04:10
Blacklight 03:51
Protagonist 05:17
Right Through Me 04:07
6s & 7s 03:31
John The Clown 04:44
The Vineyard 05:09
Brother 04:49
Flight 13 03:51
Cadence 03:53
Added: June 18th 2015
Reviewer: Simon Bray
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