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Today’s newest puzzle piece in the ever expanding tapestry of metal is Gizzards & Hearts by out-there noise collective, One Ton Project.This album grabbed me from The Axeman intro, and never let me grab any air. One Ton Project specializes in a jazz progressive style that blends heavy and fucking deep groove into a blanket of wonderful. Jazz plays heavily into their style, with a loose sounding arrangement that captures emotions like a butterfly net. Their sound is completely tuned to perfection, with clean and heavy wending together over the 12 song record, and it’s going to instantly become a favorite. Right away, Protagonist is my favorite, as its a sad feeling to start, as OTP use some far away vocals, clean and absolutely perfect, and a simple if deep lick to sweeten the ear. When the song turns up, its just one of my all time favorites. The album is fairly long playing, with most songs longer than 3 and a half minutes, but the time doesn’t drag. Other really awesome cuts are John the Clown, Blacklight, Deathjazz  (has a very heavy intro, and then becomes a dulcet ode of lyrical beauty), and Flight 13.Their sound is akin to P.O.D., King’s X, Skindred, Sublime with talent instead of Rome, and a slower version of Protest the Hero or Between the Buried and me. Gizzards & Hearts is the perfect meld of jazz, progressive metal, and just soulful music. One Ton Project have a very particular way of playing something that just makes my heart happy, and my head nod along to the beat. It’s neither stupid simple or brutally complex, and allows the listener to enjoy a sensation of styles caressing the pleasure centers of the body and soul, you’ll find this album popping up on your playlists more and more. If you value a craft in the musical world, and want a band that has the chops to compete with ANY band out there, check out.

Interview 5/8/15 – Adam Sage

Adam Sage of One Ton Project Interviews with the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour!

One Ton Project at night!One Ton Project recently dropped one of the best albums of 2015 releasing “gizzards and hearts” on May 5th. Based out of Las Vegas and signed to Battleground Records, it was fun welcoming bassist Adam Sage to the Urb Thrasher Flower Hour! Adam and I talked about the recording process, band member chemistry, musical influences and more! The seasoned techniques and developed originality of ”gizzards and hearts” goes beyond a musical label, it’s just 5 dudes that equal One Ton Project. Click below!


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“gizzards and hearts” bandcamp


Urb Thrsher 420 Radio Show

Interview 5/4/15 – Joe Munoz

Joes GuitarHere’s a gear interview/review with Joe about his rig and how we got his tones on “Gizzards and Hearts”. It’s a great interview. Thank you Puregrainaudio. The album is finally out tomorrow May 5th!

We chatted with #guitarist Joe Munoz of the Las Vegas, NV-based #rock band, One Ton Project, about some of his fave gear, and how it impacts the group’s sound.Joes Guitar 2








Full interview here:


Gizzards & Hearts Album

Deathjazz †

The Difference



Right Through Me

6s & 7s

John the Clown

The Vineyard


Flight 13

Cadence ð

One Ton Project is:

Daniel Fuller – drums, percussion, marimba, vocals

Brandon Desmond – guitars, marimba, vocals

Travis Mercer – lead vocals, guitars

Joe Munoz – guitars, marimba, percussion

Adam Sage – bass guitar, percussion

Produced by One Ton Project with Cristian Hernandez

Mixed by Cristian Hernandez

Mastered by Brett Hansen at Audio Arts Las Vegas

Art and sleeve design by Rhiannon Mercer Simpler

All songs written by One Ton Project unless otherwise denoted:

† Written by One Ton Project with Brett Underwood

ð Written by One Ton Project with Dan Buchanan

Cristian Hernandez – additional vocals on Protagonist and Right Through Me,

Keyboards on Protagonist, Right Through Me, Brother and Cadence


Deathjazz l Desmond

The Difference l Munoz

Blacklight l Mercer

Protagonist l Munoz

Right Through Me l Solo 1 – Desmond, solo 2 – Mercer

6s & 7s l Solo 1 – Munoz, solo 2 – Desmond

John The Clown l Solos 1 and 2 – Mercer, solo 3 – Munoz

The Vineyard l Sage/Mercer

Brother l Solo 1 – Mercer, solo 2 – Mercer/Desmond

Flight 13 l Desmond/Mercer/Munoz

One Ton Project would like to extend respect and gratitude to: the late Brett Underwood, Bridget Fuller, Paulette Louthan, Jennifer Mercer, Miranda Hutchinson, Jocelyn Arter, Dave Rodgers and Ryan Clark at Battleground Records, The Compound, Earsplit Distro, Ali Ladha, and Laurie Steele at the KOMP Homegrown Show.

Gizzards & Hearts

by One Ton Project

Gizzards & Hearts cover art
The Vineyard 00:00 / 05:09
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Deathjazz 03:12
6s & 7s 03:31
Brother 04:49
Flight 13 03:51
Cadence 03:53